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Thorny way to sales at

A great many of people are surely thinking of trying to sell their templates at the famous marketplace, and some people are already succeeding in doing so. In this article I would like to share my experience in developing and selling templates at

There is quite a lot of information about so much sacred, but one can rarely come across a detailed process for preparing projects. I have many times turned for advice and assistance to successful authors selling at Fortunately, there are people ready to help without any compensation. I hope my article will also be of use to the beginning authors or to those intending to become authors. Or, at least, I expect it throw some light on theme producing.

How it all got started

My small studio has been engaged in digital production (developing web sites and mobile applications) for several years already. We started develop template upon advice given by my friend. He once said that it was a great way for a small studio to make some extra income and that very few efforts would be required for this. I liked the idea of having some extra income by using my studio resources who are not engaged in current projects. But, at that time I had no idea how much time would have to spend by the moment our first template will be available at It took us nearly one year and a half to start selling. However, this particular case is absolutely individual and is not worth being targeted. I know examples of a more rapid success. But let me talk in more detail why we have been striving for this and what difficulties we have encountered in the process.

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